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Ryan Hack

2019-02-22T22:12:55-05:00LDSA Family Stories, Peer Representative|

“Be Kind.” It is a simple message, but it truly does encompass Ryan Hack. At 19 years old, Ryan is a senior at East Duncan High School in London, Ontario. In many ways he’s an average teenager. He likes to play on his iPad, walk his dog Beethoven and hang out with friends. But Ryan

Happy Spring!

2018-03-04T17:10:35-05:00Peer Representative|

Hi there I was born in St. Catharines, diagnosed with Down Syndrome and my life got started! We moved to London when I was 6 and we homeschooled for lots of years. When I finished high school, I attended Fanshawe College for 3 years, and then decided it was time to work. I looked for