We are the Resendes family and our son Noah, has Down syndrome and just turned 4.

When I was pregnant with Noah, I had an IPS ultrasound and I received a phone call from the OB/GYN office to come in for a consult.  The next week I had met with my OB/GYN and he confirmed that the ultrasound indicated some sort of genetic disorder due to the nuchal fold on the neck being a higher number than the norm.  So next was a meeting with Genetics, and that led us to an amniocentesis, which is when we got the phone call with the diagnosis. All I remember is the sigh of relief when she told me it was Trisomony 21, why do I say relief, because I was given a list  of other possible outcomes, some more heartbreaking.

I knew deep down we were going to welcome this beautiful boy, because I also believed there was a plan for us to have this wonderful child in our lives.  Noah arrived 5 weeks early and stayed in the hospital for 10 weeks due to feeding issues.  In the beginning he lost weight due to diarrhea and we figured out then he was allergic to cows milk.  We were trained on NG tube insertion. Then 3 days before discharge we were under the impression he was going home with an NG tube, he pulled it out and surprised all of us how well he breast and bottle fed.

So as the years go on we have seen a determined boy which has brought him to where he is now. Noah  under went  tonsil and adenoid removal when he was almost 3, but we have been lucky that he has few other health issues.

We have been going to physio, occupational and speech therapy at T.V.C.C and with the help of a great team we are now in the process of looking into preschool and hoping at registering Noah for J/K.  We have had a few visits at some daycares and by the looks of Noah’s interactions, I think he will do well.

Last year our family became involved with LDSA and we enjoy every opportunity we can to meet other families and talk about our experiences.  Having the Wee Ones group and getting together with other families with babies and little ones with Down syndrome has been very helpful and enjoyable.

My life has changed and having Noah has taught me to be patient and have a stronger love for being a parent and I am more aware of how society reacts to people with special needs.  I have also learned that a child is not a text book every child learns at their own pace and speed.

To all the new parents, take it day by day, remember to breath, and enjoy every new step and accomplishment, and it’s OK to ask for help you are not alone.  Our child was brought to us for a reason.

Cindy Resendes